Lina Sedgewick

Human Cavalier


Attributes (Strongest to Weakest):
Strength / Intelligence / Charisma / Dexterity / Wisdom

Leadership, Melee Combat, Riding, Animal Handling, Forestry, Craft: Armour-Smithing

Additional Personal Skills:
Athletics, Endurance, Intimidation, Tactics

Knowledge: Military Lore

Protector +1
Knight +1

Knight (Battlefield)

Mounts, Pets & Animals:
Chaos, Heavy Warhorse, Trained (Attack, Come, Defend, Down, Guard, Heel, Stay)
Calm, Light Riding Horse

Weapons, Armour, Worn Items:
Full Plate Armour +1; Heavy Steel Shield; Longsword +1; Masterwork Lance;

Carried/Stored Items:
Bag of Holding 1 (60lb.); Everburning Torch; Personal Kit


Lina Sedgewick was literally born into the life of a soldier: she was raised as a camp brat in a company of mercenary men-at-arms. She rode as well as she walked, and wrestled with the pageboys. She was tall and strong for a girl. (Endurance, Riding, Athletics)

She was picked-out to be page to a woman-at-arms, Joanne Baille, and to assist her squire, Willem. Lina tended the horses, cared for weapons and armor, cooked, and ran errands. But they also taught her fencing, jousting and the art of training a warhorse. (Craft: Armour-Smithing, Animal Handling).

Lina won her squire’s belt by stepping into the saddle when Willem fell on campaign, and then she followed Joanne Baille in the charge of lances and on campaign marches. In time, she showed mettle sufficient to become a woman-at-arms in her own right, riding in several campaigns before the lure of a knight-errant’s bounty drew her away. (Tactics, Intimidation, Bonus Cash).

When the party made their vow together, Lina chose to stay with those of her fellows who remained, and so went forth with the Elves Candor and Caladhiel, Wizard and Cleric of Pelor. The smaller party distinguished itself in driving-off the bandits who had plagued a farming community, riding aggressively against the raiding parties until their ringleaders were caught and hung by the local Bailiff. (Reputation: Protector +1, Reward 500gp)

At the Battle of Owen’s Field, a great force of Humans, Elves and Halflings met to hold back a tidal wave of orc-kind washing out of the Sand Wastes. The party rode to the battle as the outcome was very much in the balance. Lina drove in her spurs and charged for the thickest of the fighting,. Her lance shattered in the chest of a howling ogre, so she drew sword and held the line until bloody victory. (Reward: Masterwork Heavy Warhorse, Reputation: Knight +1).

While attending a prize tourney, Lina found herself confronting a surprise assault from bloody-handed warriors of the Dark God Bane. Rallying a group of squires, she fought through the press until confronted by a Champion of Bane, who challenged her personally. Lina coolly bade him surrender, and when he scorned the offer, she took him sword against sword. Impressed and humbled, one of the Free Barons knighted Lina on the spot, and honoured her as a blooded knight. (Battlefield Knighthood, Follower: Squire (Nell).

Lina Sedgewick

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