Character Creation

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Take a look at the Races and Classes to familiarize yourself, and then review the Character Creation Prompt to create a skeleton of a Player Character.

Once your character is ready, the DM will establish starting gear reflective of your choices and preferences.

Next, select your settlement party – this represents your character’s effort to recruit hardy volunteers from a particular community. Each settlement party has a number of families, a food staple, a trade staple, and a guaranteed tradesperson. Some races are more numerous, industrious or warlike than others; all have specific advantages.

Some players will receive augmented settlement parties based on character creation decisions that they have made.

Elves – 2 Families, with seeds and saplings; includes a Fletcher.
Dwarves – 4 Families, with starch and tools; includes a Smith.
Gnomes – 5 Families, with mushrooms and crafting tools; includes a special Craftsperson.
Humans – 8 Families, with a herd and horses; includes a Farrier.
Halflings – 10 Families, with seed and crops; includes a Brewer.

Character Creation

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