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The core six Classes, which are basically the heroic archetypes gathered into handy buckets. They represent your adventuring career and skills to date, intended to provide a skeleton for a character rather than a straightjacket – there is a great deal of room for variation and customization.


Multi-classing is the practice of pursuing more than one ‘career’ at once; consequently, the Player Character will have a broader range of skills and talents, but will not excel as readily in any one field as a dedicated specialist. Almost any two (or more) classes can be combined, if appropriate.

There are other Classes out there – strange talents, super-specialists who hone a particular aspect of their art, or race-aligned niches. If you have something in mind or imagination that doesn’t seem to fit into one of the buckets above, or have a particular way you want to grow your character over time, please feel free to propose it.


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