Glossary of Nerd Terms

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A quick-reference guide to nerd/game terms with which you might not be familiar.

Animal – A creature that is mundane, real-world, and generally not a threat (e.g. cow, horse, pigeon).

Common Race – The most populous playable races (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Halfling), they make-up civilization as we know it.

Game Master (GM) – The non-player who acts for all monsters, animals and NPCs, referees the action and reveals the world.

Monster – Catch-all term for creatures great and small that aren’t NPCs or simple mundane animals.

Non-Player Character (NPC) – Every other thinking character in the world, played by the GM.

Player Character (PC) – The heroes, controlled by an individual player. Your in-game avatar.

Glossary of Nerd Terms

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