High Elf Ranger/Druid


Attributes (Strongest to Weakest):
Dexterity / Intelligence / Wisdom / Charisma / Strength

Nature Magic; Stealth; Archery; Hunting; Gathering; Herbcraft;

Additional Personal Skills:
Athletics; Concentration; Endurance; Survival; Tracking

Druidic Lore; Geography; History; Nature

Faerie Friend


Mounts, Pets & Animals:
(unnamed), Goshawk (F), Second Soul
(unnamed), Light War Horse (F), Trained (Stay, Come)

Weapons, Armour, Worn Items:
Studded Leather Armour +1; Cloak of Elvenkind (Hide Bonus); Longbow +1; Shortsword +1; Shortsword +1; 60 x Arrow; 20 x Arrow +1; 10 x Arrow of Burning; 10 x Arrow of Freezing;

Carried/Stored Items:
Efficient Quiver (Extradimensional storage); 2 x Healing Kit (10 dose); 2 x Antitoxin (1 dose); Personal Kit; Birch Twig;

Divine Magic: A Druid channels mana through the natural environment and living things. They learn and improve their magic through time spent in their chosen environment, practice and contemplation.

A Druid in their chosen wilderness constantly recharges their magic, or fully recharges after committing an Action to activity in any other wilderness area. They cannot regain their magic in a manmade or unnatural area.

Know Direction
Cure Minor Wounds (cuts/scrapes)
Light (10’)
Mend (repair one item, no more than 4’, 40lb.)
Flare (100’)

First Level:
Calm Animals
Pass Without Trace (5 persons, 4hrs)
Hide From Animals (5 persons, 2hrs)
Produce Flame (magic fire, held or thrown)

Second Level:
Soften Earth & Stone (20′×40′×10′, reduce by one type, 4hrs)
Heat Metal (superheat one metal item, 30’)


Born in the Year of Leaves Rising deep within the Great Forest, Amunden’s long early season was passed in both the salle of his mother, a High Elven knight, and his Wild Elf father’s druidic grove. (Knowledge: Nature/History, Athletics).

Seeking to please both parents equally, he chose to walk the Ranger’s Path even while pursuing his apprenticeship in the glades. For any save an Elf, it might not have proven possible, but Amunden persevered in the face of many trials meant to test his dedication. (Survival, Knowledge: Druidic Lore, Endurance).

The long apprenticeships common among the civilized Elves meshed surprisingly well with the endless rigor of the Druid’s Path. Amunden sought to learn how to blend the steps of his parallel life-paths, pushing himself constantly in his training. In time, it was decided that his relentless drive would be suited to travelling beyond the Forest’s borders, where some of that energy could safely be spent as an adventurer. (Knowledge: Geography, Concentration, Cloak of Elvenkind).

Amunden is known to be constantly accompanied by a large and relentlessly grumpy female goshawk, whose checked plumage resembles iron chainmail. He claims that they met by chance in the wilderness, and that if she has a name, she hasn’t gotten around to sharing it yet. (Animal Handling, Hunting +1).

Aided by the goshawk’s sharp eyes and his own natural affinity, Amunden developed a talent for stalking and killing a variety of aberrations – the creatures of a magical nature that do not occur in nature. Their very wrongness drew him on and illuminated their trace. He has fletched arrows with the feathers of owlbear. (Favoured Enemy: Aberration, Tracking, 20 x Arrow +1).

In his travels, he came upon a band of embattled pioneers clearing forest on land sacred to the Fae. In the ensuing struggle, he sided with the Fae, to their very great surprise (as near as one can tell with the Fae), and helped drive the woodcutters out of the ancestral wood. A slender birch tree-man offered Amunden a living twig as a token of their friendship. (Reputation: Fairie Friend, Twig of the Treant).


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