Wood Elf Cleric of Pelor


Attributes (Strongest to Weakest):
Dexterity / Wisdom / Intelligence / Charisma / Strength

Divine Magic; Hunting; Gathering; Healing; Herbcraft; Ministry

Additional Personal Skills:
Concentration; Survival; Sneaking; Tactics;

Arcana; Nature; Religion (Pelor);

Protector +2
Vampire Hunter

Ordained of Pelor

Mounts, Pets & Animals:
(unnamed), Light War Horse (F), Trained (Stay, Come, Heel)

Weapons, Armour, Worn Items:
Plate Mail +1; Divine Flail of Pelor +1; Wooden Shield of Arrow-Catching +1; Wand of Cure Light Wounds (50 charges);

Carried/Stored Items:
2 x Healing Kit (10 dose); 4 x Holy Water (1 dose); Personal Kit;


Caladhiel was born among Wood Elven hunters, travelling broadly in the shadowed depths of the Great Forest. Long years of travel, hardship and the Forest’s peculiar elements taught her the rudiments of living beneath the ancient boughs, and surviving in the wilderness. (Survival, Knowledge: Nature, Sneak.)

Recognized for her earnest faith, she was sent to a great temple city for testing. Trained from then onward as an acolyte of the Morninglord Pelor, God of the Sun, Caladhiel was thrust into a new world of careful training, charitable works and worship timed to the sun’s movements. (Knowledge: Religion/Arcana, Bonus Language: Celestial.)

She was accepted as a foot squire to a grizzled Halfling Paladin, Sir Eric, who disdained any other name. Sir Eric oversaw Caladhiel’s training with mace and shield, while offering instruction in the finer points of crushing the undead with wit and speed rather than brute power. Charged with her duty to bring Pelor’s light into the dark places, she ventured out into the wider world. (Tactics, Concentration, Flail +1 Blessed: Pelor)

When the party made their vow together, Caladhiel chose to stay with those of her fellows who remained, and so went forth with the Human cavalier, Lina Sedgewick, and Candor the Elven Wizard. The smaller party distinguished itself in driving-off the bandits who had plagued a farming community, riding aggressively against the raiding parties until their ringleaders were caught and hung by the local Bailiff. (Reputation: Protector +1, Reward 500gp)

At the Battle of Owen’s Field, a great force of Humans, Elves and Halflings met to hold back a tidal wave of orc-kind washing out of the Sand Wastes. The party rode to the battle as the outcome was very much in the balance. Caladhiel brought Pelor’s light to the wounded, and drove off murderous goblin infiltrators before they could strike. (Halfling Followers, Reputation: Protector +1).

In a nameless farming hamlet, Caladhiel met a town shivering under the dread shadow of a vampire, aided by a fallen priest of Pelor. Caladhiel called on the power of the sun to burn them in the shrine they had turned into their next, and finished the job herself. She bore away a razor-thin talon scar that narrowly missed her eye, and the admiration of her Faith’s order. (Flail Divine effect: glows when undead are near; Reputation: Vampire Hunter).


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