Emily Vasher

aka The Whisper, Human Rogue


Attributes (Strongest to Weakest):
Dexterity / Strength / Charisma / Intelligence / Wisdom

Stealth; Riding; Education; Craft: Alchemy

Additional Personal Skills:
Lockpicking; Athletics; Acrobatics; Disguise;


Ghost +1

Country Noble (Dispossessed)
Thieves’ Guild Member

Mounts, Pets & Animals:
(unnamed), Light War Horse (M), Trained (Stay, Come, Attack, Guard)

Weapons, Armour, Worn Items:
Studded Leather Armour of Silent Movements +1; Ring of Climbing; Ring of Jumping; Dagger +1; Keen Dagger +1; 50’ Silk Rope; Masterwork Light Crossbow; 20 x Bolt

Carried/Stored Items:
Masterwork Thieve’s Tools; 4 x Antitoxin (1 dose); Everburning Torch; Personal Kit.


Emily Vasher was born the second daughter and fourth child of an established baronetcy. Their manor sat in rolling hills of pasturage and vineyards, among the Old Kingdoms. She was well-tutored in the foundations of aristocratic life, along with her siblings, but also encouraged to be curious and active by indulgent parents. (Knowledge: Nobility; Bonus Language: Elven; Status: Country Noble).

Neither an heir nor the foremost marriageable daughter, young Emily was given more leeway in her education, and freedom to accept less-than-aristocratic friendships. She could ride with her brothers, receive tutoring of a more academic nature, and even periodically slipped away to pass as a one of her commoner friends. (Riding; Education).

All was burned and lost when a rival neighbor chose bloody treachery to settling his mountainous gambling debts. The Baron and his sons and closest retainers attacked in the night, burning the hall and those within, or cutting-down those who fled. A loyal retainer carried young Emily away, bearing her to the outskirts of the capital before expiring of her wounds. With quick wits and her burning drive to live, Emily took to the capital’s rooftops. She had to survive for her revenge upon that Baron and his flunkies. (Athletics; Acrobatics; Stealth)

When the party made their vow together, Emily chose to pursue her vendetta for a time. She returned to the capital, and used her tried and tested skills to burrow into the city’s underworld in short order. Emily established a place for herself that yielded both professional and darkly personal opportunities. Certain circles knew that if a person needed something done quietly and with intelligence, The Whisper should be on the short-list. She also secretly funnelled a portion of her gains into establishing a children’s hospice. (Bonus Language: Thieve’s Cant (Sign Language); Lockpicking; Status: Thieves’ Guild Member; Status: Benefactor).

On an evening circuit through the inns and taverns of the capital, Emily found herself across a common room from a man known as Peter the Vile, one of the Baron’s sworn men. He was well drunk and playing cards (badly), unable to see her, but unmistakable. Emily waited until he stumbled drunkenly into the night, and paced silently behind until he paused in an alley to relieve himself. She slipped a dagger into his spine, another against his purse, and was gone. (Bonus Gold; Reputation: Revenge-Seeker).

Emily used the cover of an aristocratic wedding to slip into the country house of the magistrate who had put his seal on the Baron’s bloody seizure of her family’s land. In a twist of wretched luck, she found herself making eye contact across a ballroom with a servant who had once been in her family’s employ. Fearing her disguise ruined and ensuing exposure, she quickly rigged a clever trip hazard. The poor fellow was found dead at the foot of a flight of servant’s stairs, and the magistrate dead in his bed – naturally, it was assumed that the servant had slain his master, and fallen in his panicked flight. (Reputation: Ghost; Bonus Item: Magic Ring).

Emily Vasher

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