High Elf Wizard


Attributes (Strongest to Weakest):
Intelligence; Charisma; Dexterity; Wisdom; Strength

Arcane Magic; Education; Healing; Herbcraft;

Additional Personal Skills:
Concentration; Spellcraft; Appraisal (Familiar);

Arcana, History, Nobility, Religion

Protector +1

High Born

Mounts, Pets & Animals:
Raven, Familiar, (Intelligence 8: Alertness, Empathy, Improved Evasion, Speak w/ Master)

Weapons, Armour, Worn Items:
Bracers of Armour +1; Ring of Protection +2; Ring of Featherfall; Boots of Winter; Wand of Detect Magic; Wizard’s Staff +1; Masterwork Silver Dagger.

Carried/Stored Items:
Handy Haversack; Spellbook; 1 x Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (1 dose); 1 x Scroll of Fireball; 1 x Scroll of Knock; 1 x Potion of Waterbreathing (1 dosage); Personal Kit.

Arcane Spells: A Sorceror fuels their magic by tapping directly into the world’s mana. They can cast spells more often than a Wizard, but cannot maintain as large a library of spells and rituals.

If a Sorceror exhausts their spell charges, they must rest for 1 Action to fully recharge. They may do so anywhere, but must dedicate the full Action to rest and meditation.

Detect Magic (10’)
Light (10’)
Flare (50’)
Detect Poison (10’ or object)
Mage Hand (5lb. telekinesis, 10’)
Message (whisper delivered up to 100’)
Daze (momentarily stun one weak creature)

First Level:
Magic Missile (4 homing bolts of arcane energy, 1-4 targets)
Identify Magic Item
Shield (floating arcane barrier)
Burning Hands (splayed fingers shoot a fan of flames 5’)
Mount (summon a loyal arcane riding horse for 12 hours)

Second Level:
Resist Energy (any 1 target, choose an element, 20pts/attack)
Scorching Ray (jet of arcane fire, 60’)
Fog Cloud (summon/control bank of fog, 100′×100′×10′, 7hrs)

Third Level:
Lightning Bolt (shock single target, 120’)
Dispel Magic (cancel spell, suppress item or break ritual)

Summon Quick


Candor was born of auspicious parents, his father a Councilor of means and authority, his mother an oracle of the High Elven ancestors. In the long years of Elven child hood, his tutors were excellent, to the standards of the court. (Education; Knowledge: Nobility; Status: High Born).

When he reached adolescence, Candor was sent to the forest temple-city of the Elven gods, to study. Instead, he spent all the time he could at the temple of Wee Jas, Goddess of Death, Knowledge and Magic. He took every lesson that he was permitted in the matters arcane. [Knowledge: Arcana, Religion, History).

Forbidden to deviate from his assigned studies by his disapproving father, Candor took to studying in secret. His mother secretly funded his illicit purchases of arcane scraps. Trial and error were his teachers, and sheer will to power. When he was found-out, Candor chose to leave rather than give up his new art. He set off in search of adventurer as a Sorceror. (Concentration, Spellcraft, Bonus Language: Draconic).

When the party made their vow together, Candor chose to stay with those of his fellows who remained, and so went forth with the Human cavalier, Lina Sedgewick, and Caladhiel, Wood Elven Cleric of Pelor. The smaller party distinguished itself in driving-off the bandits who had plagued a farming community, riding aggressively against the raiding parties until their ringleaders were caught and hung by the local Bailiff. (Reputation: Protector +1, Reward 500gp)

At the Battle of Owen’s Field, a great force of Humans, Elves and Halflings met to hold back a tidal wave of orc-kind washing out of the Sand Wastes. The party rode to the battle as the outcome was very much in the balance. Candor wisely took himself to the right flank, and was ready when Orc shaman blasted the ranks – he immolated one and broke another in a sorcerous duel before his allies rallied and drove them off. (Bonus Combat Spell, Bonus Magic Item).

In search of secrets of the deep arcane, Candor visited one of the fabled black libraries – fortress-prisons wherein the most perilous magical secrets are locked-away. What he confronted in the lightless depths remains a mystery to all save Candor – suffice to say that he returned sane and whole.


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