Servants of the Sun

Caladhiel's Halfling Companions


Blind Ned (Servant), chain shirt, large shield, pony
Albert (Groom), chain shirt, small shield, spear, pony
Emma (Valet), chain shirt, small shield, spear, pony


All three members of the Servants were wounded in the Battle of Owen’s Field, and saved by the personal grace of the Pelorite Cleric, Caladhiel. They swore to serve the Cleric and the Church of Pelor as lay-servants, in gratitude for their lives. They are not warriors, but are loyal.

Old Blind Ned is old and blind. Also an excellent cook and baker, with some assistance; a one-time innkeeper in his own right. He lost his sight at Owen’s Field, but found a purpose in serving the vicarage like a majordomo. Some of his children followed the settlement with their families.

Albert’s back was broken by an ogre, and then by divine magic, it wasn’t. He swore to Pelor that very day – now he tends Caladhiel’s horse, keeps a pair of watchful mastiffs, and runs errands. His young bride and son traveled with the colony.

Emma is unusually strong and brave, even for a Tallfellow Halfling, which led her to Owen’s Field and a tragic end from a poisoned arrowhead. Divine healing spared her, and Emma reckons that will take a while to make square. She serves as Caladhiel’s personal servant when required, and tends her arms and armour. Her brothers and family joined the colony.

Servants of the Sun

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